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The Solon Center for Research and Publishing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Maine Public Benefit Corporation that helps build community in Maine and beyond through educational, literary, scientific and artistic means, with publications, research, exhibits, and other events and initiatives. We work to help the humanities flourish.

The Solon Center helps community-based projects and works with community organizations like Maine Insights, a statewide newsmagazine, to make our educational materials more accessible.

Fukurou is our gallery/book showroom in Rockland, Maine where we gather with our community, while showcasing art, books and various projects.

Fukurou means owl in Japanese as well as prosperity and health. The owl in Ancient Greece often is associated with Athena, the arts and wisdom. Our gallery will represent Maine artists, foster cross-cultural connections with Japanese artists and others. We will host exhibits, booksignings, have lectures, workshops and other events.

We are proud to be a fiscal sponsor of organizations that defend humanity, our public lands, our cultural heritage, as well organizations that expose the issues surrounding climate change and showcase avenues to help arrest climate change.

We have been working with the Elected Officials to Protect America’s Land, Code Blue, and Carrier Pigeon.

EOPA — to protect America’s Land

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.11.08 AMElected Officials to Protect America’s Land is a unique group of elected officials who are also veterans to protect our public lands. That work is critical part — to prevent further development, limit oil and mineral extraction, protect watersheds and ground water, and keep the land vibrant for future generations. So far 80 veterans, who are also elected officials, have signed a letter to Sec. Zinke asking him to help renew the Land and Water Conservation Funds (LWCF), which grants millions to park projects in all the states. The LWCF has been under threat of being canceled. Facebook here.

Code Blue

90a89ecab3912c28-ScreenShot2018-05-20at42914PMThe mission of Code Blue is to protect our environment and combat climate change, using water security as a means to illustrate dangers and solutions. Code Blue’s documentary project highlights conflicts in the US and around the globe that are a direct result of climate change and how community solutions, already available, could help defuse these problems. These videos, and a full-length film will be the basis of the books we will publish. Facebook here.

Mississippi River Project | A Gathering of Stories

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 11.48.31 AMWe are currently sponsoring an aesthetic journalism project (“aesthetic journalism” is defined by writer, artist and curator Alfredo Cramerotti as “the blurring of art and information practices”) by Carrier Pigeon Studio that involves collecting stories from business owners, whose businesses rely on the Mississippi River.

The course of the river is shifting, as is the nature of business along it, in many ways due to the large-scale commercial agricultural practices in the river’s drainage basin. In order to collect stories related to the shifting nature of the river and also to gain a physical understanding of the changing environment of the Mississippi, two writer-artists are traveling the river from north to south on a boat they built at the Apprentice Shop in Rockland.

Indian Connections

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 11.49.16 AMOur Indian Connections showcases the lives of a diverse group of Maine American Indians and their continuing contributions to humanity, as well as anthropologists and historians helping to tell this history. We are bringing their stories, history, and culture to a wider audience with the Indian Connections website, indianconnections.org, and books.

Polar Bear & Company

Our books have themes of long-term intrinsic value and are published through our imprint, Polar Bear & Company.

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Polar Bear & Company publishes books that enhance our cultural heritage, creative economy, and democracy. We strive to improve the quality of life through literature and art. We hope to give well-intentioned, creative people avenues for their words, wisdom, wit and other talents, so they can reach individuals to create stronger communities.

Polar Bear’s titles range from books of the Maine coast, lakes and rivers, like Above the Gravel Bar: The Native Canoe Routes of Maine, to the series of picture books about Clipper the Maine Island Puppy, to Maine historian Neil Rolde’s titles of cultural significance.

Democracy flourishes when creativity is allowed freedom of expression.

Solon Center for Research and Publishing is also a platform where people from diverse disciplines can examine issues of cultural and environmental importance, while developing connections.