MARCH 2020 – today

Our Maine Coast in Words and Art exhibit is still on display at our gallery. If you have any interest in the work please phone 207 319 4727.  A social distancing viewing can be arranged. You may also purchase some of the prints or books from the exhibit HERE.

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We had eight exhibits planed from March until January, 2021. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic all have been postponed until further notice. Hopefully we can reopen in the fall. Gallery exhibits really are community gatherings, especially on opening night, which means large gatherings. We wish to keep our community safe during this emergency.

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We will be holding a book contest to correspond with another exhibit. The contest will lead to a book publication, as we did last year. The exhibit, will of course have to wait until COVID-19 is history.

More details and how to enter will be announced in June, 2020.

Please stay home, stay safe and look forward to the future. We miss you!



Maine Coast in Words and Art Exhibit with photographic art by Yohaku Yorozuya and Ramona du Houx 

 The Solon Center for Research and Publishing writing/art project in conjunction with an exhibit at the center’s gallery, Fukurou has culminated with the publication of “Coastal Maine in Words and Art.” A book signing with the authors was held Sept. 14, 2019.

Fine art photographers Yohaku Yorozuya and Ramona du Houx were on hand to explain their work. The reception ran 5-8 p.m. Over 80 people attended!

Their art depicts Rockland and the coast in its myriad situations, moods and emotions. Our writers told stories with depth, insight, candor, irony, wit and humor about them. Anyone who has every visited Maine’s coast will be able to relate to them. They’ve put humankind’s instinctive emotional connection to the sea into words.

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The writers herald from across Maine. Some have been published before, but for the vast majority this is their first book publication. Our writers are: Mark Aufiery, Eola Ball, S.M. Belair, M. E. Brinton, Donna Chellis, Diana Coleman, Steve Feeney, N.T. Franklin, Lee Heffner, Donna Hinkley, Khristina Marie Landers, Rosemarie Nervelle, Ed Peele, Lynn Smith, Sandra Sylvester, Lee Van Dyke, and John Holt Willey.

The gallery edition of the book is available on amazon at local Maine bookstores, in the gallery, and worldwide through Ingram. All proceeds from the sales of books and art will be placed into a fund for next year’s exhibit of the same kind.

The Maine Humanities Council has provided a generous grant for our project that will enable us to donate books to libraries across Maine. MHC is a statewide non-profit organization that uses the humanities, “as a tool for positive change in Maine communities.”  For more information, visit

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Cellardoor Winery of Lincolnville graciously donated their delicious wine that captures the essence of Maine for the opening night reception. Cellardoor is a special local winery with a philosophy of giving back to their community and the State of Maine. Their logo, based on a Hobo symbol carved into their farm’s barn door by a traveler who left it as a signal to others that they too would find hospitality there, is the winery’s guiding spirit. As their website states, “when you see our Hobo symbol, know that you are in a safe and friendly place.” For more information, visit





Yohaku Yorozuya is an artist with Fukurou. Professor Yorozuya has had multiple exhibits over his forty-two year career as a photographic artist. He is renowned for his use of classic darkroom techniques spending days perfecting his images.

His I LOVE MAINE exhibit was first in Tokyo.




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Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.58.54 AMGallery Fukurou is now open! From Wed-Sat from 12-4. To introduce the variety of art photographs of Ramona du Houx we’ve decided to display a sampling that complements one another.

Please come by ask questions, and enjoy the mystical magic world Ramona du Houx creates with a technique she started back in 1979. Painting with the camera, as she describes it, brings out the natural energies that are ever present. Everything is interconnected, her work shows that truth.

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Photography usually freezes time and place. For Ramona this is out of place with the rhythms she sees in nature. So using the camera like a paint brush she records the “music” she sees.

“I want people to reconnect with nature, so they can relax and center themselves with a calmness that can also inspire and excite them,” said Ramona.

We look forward to seeing you at Gallery Fukurou!

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Find us at 20 Main Street – at the corner of Dunton Avenue and Main. (Rt 73 towards Owl’s Head) We are two doors down from Primo, right across from the Midcoast Technical College. Call 207 319 4727 for private viewings or any other questions.

Come enjoy the unique art of Ramona du Houx!

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