We’d planned bi-weekly book signings starting in March 2020 to August 2020. Due to COVID-19 the’ve regrettably been postponed until further notice. Our 12 authors are will be included in our upcoming programing, nearly doubling future signings!

The 22 authors who will have book signings after the pandemic are:

David Cook, Richard Davis, Margaret Brinton, William Haviland, John Holt Willey, Sherri Walrath, Jason White, David Solmitz, Hugh Roth, Marilyn Pukklia, Esther Pasztory, Patrick McGowan, Hubert Kueter, David Kroner, Anita Haviland, Annie Gray, Nancy Crinklaw, Peter Bollen, Paul Cornell du Houx, Peter Blachly, Holly Berry and Charles Norman Shay.

All authors books can be accessed via our book publishing arm – Polar Bear & CompanyHERE. All titles are available on amazon, local stores and through INGRAM internationally.

All authors are listed HERE.