Welcome to the Solon Center for Research and Publishing first issue of Insights Literary/Art Journal. Stories from authors published and unpublished will debut in the journal. Original art will accompany the stories. The journal will be published online bimonthly.

Most literary journals don’t have much art. We believe combining the two is the best way to make each medium come to life, which enhances the viewer’s/reader’s experience.

The Journal will host contests, working us,  Gallery Fukurou, and the Maine publisher Polar Bear & Company, of the Solon Center.

ISSUE 1 includes six short stories with art from COASTAL MAINE IN WORDS AND ART and other books, sutras of philosophical dimensions, a memoir from a boat builder’s WINTER APPRENTICEtwo children’s poems, and two Maine based serialized novels of intrigue and insights.


We invite you to submit short stories centered around a photographic art piece.

  • This bimonthly contest, 300- 800 words, allows you to write about anything you wish – as long as the artwork is your central focus. Due by the 22nd before the next publication. So, for this May issue the deadline is June 22. GO HERE.
  • The bimonthly 800-1,200 word story contest is our climate change challenge. The evidence is in, we are in a climate crisis. Stories have to be inspired by an art piece that revolves around a climate issue and a solution to that issue. Due by the 26th before the next publication. So, for this May issue the deadline is June 26th. GO HERE.

This issue’’s short story writers highlighted:

The first chapters of novels:

Enjoy reading. We hope the stories and art inspire your creativity.

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