Front cover of Soto’s Song


Soto’s Song: Travel with Soto on his mystical journey through an imagined reality, where he gains perspective and listens to the wisdom in the air, water, fire and earth.

Embraced by nature he is able to find truth within himself in his song. With that reality Soto’s loneliness dissipates as he is able to live in the present, without worrying about the past or the future.

Back cover of Soto’s Song

Soto’s Song is the result of a Polar Bear and Company contest that asked for short manuscripts from authors which took the reader inside of what life is like living through the pandemic. We had 33 authors submit quality short stories, which we were gratefully able to pay stipends for, from CARES Act funding from the Maine Humanities Council with the National Humanities Council.

The judges had a difficult decision as the quality of the vignettes was outstanding. In the end, Dave Kroner’s piece won. Soto’s journey is his own. He wrote the book with young adults in mind as his audience, but Soto’s Song is truly a book for all ages. The photographic art is by Ramona du Houx. See more of her work HERE.

To reserve your print copy of Soto’s Song please email info(at) The quality printed art book retails for $28.00, which includes shipping inside the U.S.A. The book will also be available to the public for free online.

ISBN: 978-1-882190-90-4. First print edition, first printing 2020.